Hotels by Interest

Apartment hotel

Ideal for extended stays; may have limited hotel services.


Beachfront hotels in tropical destinations.


Activities and facilities for children: supervised activities and playgrounds; beach, babysitting service, among others.


Facilities, activities and promotions are oriented towards couples and trips such as honeymoons, weddings or anniversaries.

Golf & Spa

Luxurious hotels renowned for the quality of their golf course and spa services.


Hotels with five or more stars. Impeccable facilities, personalized service, details taken care of.

All Inclusive

Hotels with four or more stars. They include meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, including drinks, activities and tips.

Adults Only

Hotels for guests over 18 years of age to ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Activities are geared towards adults: sports, night club excursions. Some hotels offer activities for meeting new people.

Gay & Lesbian

Hotels where ambiance and guests are mostly or exclusively gay/lesbian.


Hotels with facilities targeted to business travelers: Internet access, printing services, meeting rooms, events, among others.


Hotels located in secluded natural areas. Ideal for those in search of nature or leisure related activities.